Cyprus Banks

Cyprus banks

Paphos offers a wide range and choice of Cyprus Banks. Only ever having used one so far, we are unable to recommend any of them in particular. We can say that all have English speaking staff and offer exactly the same range of services that you are used to having anywhere else in the world. Below, we have included a link to the Central Bank of Cyprus for an Authorised bank directory:

Central Bank of Cyprus- Directory of Cyprus Banks

All Banks offer a variety of Current, Savings, Loan, Foreign exchange and Investment services and once again, it will be a case of making a few enquiries with the Banks as to interest rates etc, depending upon what your particular need may be.

The bank savings Account provides you immediate access to your account and enables you to withdraw cash without giving notice. You are given a passbook and a debit card, which can be used for purchases and payments in Cyprus and abroad and cash withdrawals from the ATM's. Most Banks offer the facilities of paying utility bills by direct debits and you can conduct your transactions electronically with on-line banking.

The Cheque account offers a chequebook and a debit card for immediate access to your account by using the ATMs. The account enables you to withdraw cash without giving notice. The debit card can be used for payments in Cyprus and abroad. You can pay your utility bills by direct debit and you have the services of Internet banking if required.

Cyprus Banks offer personal loans according to your needs and your financial capabilities. The repayment period varies from 8 to 10 years. For amount up to EU€20.000 personal guarantees are requested and any other security that the Bank considers necessary.

Visa and Mastercard are offered by all Cyprus Banks and if you are retired you may be asked to deposit funds into a Cyprus Bank account in your name, as a form of lien. This will be held all the time the card is active. I am advised by Cyprus Banks that this is a substantial sum of money and therefore we strongly advise that you retain any credit cards that you have in your country of origin until you feel happy that you are able to comply with this request.


  • Alpha Bank: Tele +357 26 843 000
  • Bank Of Cyprus: Tel +357 26 846 200
  • COOP Central Bank: Tel +357 26 946 228
  • COOP Hellenic Bank: Tel +357 26 945 333
  • Laiki Bank: Tel +357 26 816 517
  • Universal Bank: Tel +357 26 941 777


Lloyds TSB International operate with agents in Cyprus and are happy to assist with your Banking requirements whether you are looking for Savings options or personal bank accounts. Click the banners below for further information:

Lloyds International Personal Banking

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