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If you are interested in making an easy second income (who isn’t?), you will find below some easy ways to do so by promoting and selling this Cyprus ebook. There are lots of examples of how to make some serious cash whether you own a website or not!

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If you own your own travel or Cyprus related website you are on an absolute winner!

By offering this Cyprus ebook to your site visitors you can make a very useful additional income from your website.

‘Live The Med Lifestyle in Cyprus’, sells for $47.00 and you can make a very tasty 50% (about £12.00 last time I looked at the conversion rate), for every copy sold from your site!

Sell 10 copies a week (easy) and that’s nearly $1,000 a month in your pocket (about £500).

Sell 25 copies a week (with a bit of extra effort) and that’s $2,500 a month or £1,250!!!

$30,000 dollars (£15,000) a year for selling 25 copies a week! Isn’t that worth applying a little effort here????!!!

It's very simple to get started! If you are not a member of clickbank yet, simply go to: and signup to get your Clickbank nickname.

By promoting our Cyprus e-book you will:

  • Earn $23.50 (about £12.00) for every sale made (50% commission)

  • Get paid weekly by a third party company (clickbank)

  • See real time up-to-date statistics

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: If you are not already a member of the clickbank network, then Sign Up Now! It's totally FREE!

Step 2: Start promoting the ‘Live The Med Lifestyle in Cyprus’ E-book on your website. You can advertise via any means you like (as long as it is legal and you do not use SPAM).

Once you have your ClickBank nickname, create your affiliate link like this:

Replace the xxxxx with your Clickbank nickname (that you used when you signed up to Clickbank) and this URL will take anyone who clicks on your link directly to our sales page. Even if the sale is not made straight away, you will still get the commission if they buy on a follow up visit.

Now you can use that link to send anyone to our sales page and if they purchase you make money!

Here are a few ideas on how to use your newly created link on your website in order to get the cash rolling in……………

1) Create some headlines and turn them into links (using your newly created link), then place them in a prominent position on your site. Below are some headlines you can use;-

Live The Med Lifestyle On The Island Of Love!

Who Else Wants To Live & Work In The Sun?

How To Leave The Rain & Cold Weather Behind & Enjoy A New Life In The Sun!

Everything You Need To Know About Moving To Cyprus To Live!

Here’s how to set up your headline text link in your html code:


Just cut and paste the above code into your html code - Replace xxxxx with your ClickBank nickname - Insert the headline you want

For example:

< A HREF=""> Live The Med Lifestyle on the Island of Love!

2) Place a product review on your site.

One of the very best ways to promote any product is to write a review and place it on your website. Your regular visitors will trust you and the products that you recommend and a product review on your site will probably be the best way of generating income from this Cyprus ebook. Here’s one ready made for you to adapt or use as it is………….

*****Cyprus Ebook Review*****

‘Live The Med Lifestyle in Cyprus’

Have you ever dreamed of just packing it all in and moving to sunnier shores?

Ever thought that there must be a better lifestyle available to you than the one you are living right now?

Does the idea of a sunny climate, great beaches and a slower pace of life sound better than rain, cold and damp, stress and traffic jams?

More and more people are deciding that they want something better. A better, healthier lifestyle for themselves and their children.

Just a 4 1/2 hour flight from the UK lies the sun-kissed island of Cyprus.

More and more people are choosing to make Cyprus their home, either as a place to retire to, or just as a healthier place to live and work. The climate is superb, (as long as you like lots of sunshine), English is freely spoken in all the major towns, good schools and excellent medical care is available and the locals are very friendly, plus the cost of living is very reasonable.

Of course, moving to another country to live is not something that you should decide to do on a whim, but with the advent of the EU, it doesn't have to be difficult either.

There will of course, be lots of things you'll want to know. Lots of questionsyou will want answers to before deciding to take the plunge and make that life-changing move.

One of the better books available on the subject of 'Moving to Cyprus' to live' is ‘Live The Med Lifestyle in Cyprus’, by Roy Carter & Lynda Burke.

It's always best to get things straight from the horse's mouth, as it were, and this couple is able to give you all the answers to your questions because they have 'been there and done that'. In fact they are still there, living and working in Cyprus. So unlike other books on the subject, written by authors who have never even set foot on the island, this book is a very good and comprehensive guide.

‘Live The Med Lifestyle in Cyprus’ is written in a friendly and informative style and will certainly give you food for thought about turning your dreams into reality. Better yet, this is an ebook, which means you can download it in seconds and you can be reading about your new lifestyle right away!

You can find out more at;

******** (Don’t forget to replace the xxxxx with your own Clickbank nickname).

Use the article as it is, or readapt it, or write your own. Once it’s up on your site in a prominent position, you’ll have a ready made income generator and another income stream from your website!

Living in Cyprus

Please feel free to use this smaller image:

3) Send out emails to your subscriber list.

If you have your own opt in email list of subscribers to your newsletter etc, then you have a ready-made goldmine!

You can use the above article as an email to your subscribers. It has been used very successfully when sent to subscriber lists.

**Warning!! Do not send unsolicited emails to a non opt in list as that is considered SPAM and will get you banned. Only send to your own or others opt in lists.

NON-WEBSITE OWNERS – Earn $23.50 (around £12.00 ) per sale

1) Forum Signatures

If you are not an active forum poster, you should be, because you are missing out on a massive amount of free traffic from your forum signature, every day thousands of eyes could read your signature recommending our Cyprus ebook.

This is a brilliant way to get free traffic. Sign up to any travel related forums (just go to Google and type in ‘travel forums’ and you’ll find lots). Another way to find forums with high traffic is to go to and search for forums by topic.

Don’t spam the forums by outright trying to blatantly sell a product. You need to be a little more subtle. Try posing a question like, “I’m thinking of moving to Cyprus to live and have found an ebook called ‘Live The Med Lifestyle in Cyprus’, has anyone read it”?

Or just start or join a discussion on the forum about moving to Cyprus and have your signature point to our sales page. Some of these sites have specific sections where they allow advertising to be posted. Take advantage of these!

2) Your own personal email signatures (Surprisingly effective)!

Most of us send out lots of emails daily to friends, family, colleagues and even people who we've never even met but are perhaps doing business with. Most email clients allow you to have a signature that is placed at the bottom of each of your emails. You can simply put your affiliate link in these signatures. Try it out and watch how many sales you get!

For your personal email signature just put something like;

Regards Joe Bloggs Promoter of the best selling Cyprus ebook ‘Live The Med Lifestyle in Cyprus’.
Click here to take a look:

Once again, remember to replace the xxxxx with your Clickbank nickname.

3) Post Classified Ads in Ezines

A very good and inexpensive way to target a lot of potential buyers is to place ads in online Ezines. You can get your ads in Ezines with circulations of 25,000 or more!

Start by searching for the terms ‘ezine directory’, ‘travel ezine’, ‘Cyprus ezine’, ‘ex-pat ezine’ or try ‘ezine’, or ‘travel newsletter’ using any of the popular search engines. You will find that there are a lot of them out there. Next, visit the various sites and look to see:

  • If they have a topic under Cyprus or travel

  • Whether they accept paid classified advertisements

  • What are the advertising rates and the circulation of the Ezine

Then submit your classified ad and sit back and watch your sales soar!

Don’t forget to include your affiliate link to our sales page at the end of your ad, as follows;

Once again, remember to replace the xxxxx with your Clickbank nickname.

4) Google Ads (Adwords)

Google Adwords is another great way to drive traffic to our sales page. This form of pay per click advertising is one of the most successful and profitable ways to earn big commissions from this Cyprus ebook.

Don't forget to use your clickbank link as the destination URL as before,
i.e. (replace the xxxxx with your Clickbank nickname).

To learn more about how to use Google's Adwords, go to:

There you have it! It just takes a little bit of effort on your part and you can have a very nice additional income generator working for you while you sleep!

Even just implementing each of the above ideas can bring you an awful lot of extra cash. Remember, selling just 4 ebooks a week will earn you almost $400 or around £200 a month. And with a little effort you can join the growing list of people who are earning a very nice additional income by promoting this Cyprus ebook.

Try to do at least something to promote the Cyprus ebook every day and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how your efforts mount up in terms of the extra income it will bring you.


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