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Cyprus shops - shopping hours are different in winter and summer.

In the winter period from 1 November to 31 March the shops open at 09.00 and close, in accordance with the law, at 19.00, except on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays when they close at 14.00, 20.00 and 15.00, respectively. Sunday is not a working day.

In the summer period from 1 April to 31 October, the shops open at 09.00 and close, in accordance with the law, at 08.30, except on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays when they close at 14.00, 21.30 and 17.00, respectively. From 15 June to 31 August, the afternoon rest measure applies and the shops are closed between 14.00 and 17.00. Sunday is not a working day.

It should be noted that although the legislation provides for the hours of business stated above, the smaller shops generally do not keep to the exact closing times and close about an hour earlier than required by law.

All urban areas have kiosks for shopping, which are open for longer than other Cyprus shops or even for 24 hours a day. A large number of bakeries stay open until 23.00. The kiosks sell cigarettes, soft drinks, mineral water and magazines and newspapers, etc., and the bakeries sell bread, other bakery products and milk and dairy products, etc.

Cyprus shops - The official public holidays for shops are: 1 January, 25 March, 1 April, Easter Monday, 1 May, 1 October, 28 October, 25 December and 26 December.

The Minister for Labour and Social Insurance designates tourism areas, and in those areas the Cyprus shops adhere to the tourism system of opening hours which allows for longer opening all through the week and for Sunday opening.

In the Christmas period, which begins on 12 December and ends on 30 December, and the Easter period, which begins 10 days before Easter Sunday, all stores are open for longer.

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mediterranean food


Carrefour supermarket - Ellados Avenue. Tel: 26-912600
Plenty of parking available. A large store on two floors.
Ground Floor - bakery, butchery, fresh fish and delicatessen. International brands, mediterranean food,fresh fruit and Vegetables and dairy produce.
First Floor - Household goods, toys, cards, gardening items and school stationery.
Within the store you will find a newsagency selling papers and magazines, a very nice card and gift shop, a music shop and an agency bank with ATM.
Chris Cash & Carry run a bonus card scheme. Present your card before purchase. Points are exchanged for gifts. Look out for store promotions and special offers.

Papantoniou supermarkets - Ellados Ave, Paphos., Tel: 26 936600.or Chlorakas village. Tel: 26 270128.
Butcher, fishmonger and bakery. International products available. Delicatessen and cheese counter. Bonus Card system. Ample parking.
The store in Chlorakas village is very handy if you chose to live in the outlaying areas and please be aware that there is parking available at the back of the store. This supermarket is on a very busy road with a small area for parking on the other side of the road.

Orphanides supermarkets - Antheon Avenue. Tel. 26-933922. Smaller store in the tourist area available at Adamantiou Korai Avenue, Tel. 26-239922.
The main store is located centrally and offers ample parking.
Bakery, butchery, fishmonger and delicatessen. Bonus card system. Household goods available on the second floor.
The smaller shop available in the tourist area is still quite well stocked, though parking is limited.

E & S supermarket - Apostolo Pavlou Street. Tel: 26 221500.
Butchery, fishmonger, extensive fruit and vegetable section, delicatessen, bakery, bonus card system, ample parking and central location.
Often the prices are lower here in comparison with other supermarkets.

Debenhams Supermarket and Home Store - 62 Konstantinou Kanari, 8010 Paphos. Tel: 26 811532.
Debenhams is a department store rather than a supermarket. A food hall is attached offering a slightly more select choice of products on a smaller scale than the supermarkets. The fruit and Vegetables are top class. Bakery, butcher and delicatessen but no fresh fish. Good selection of wine and spirits and freshly ground coffee.

Within the department you will also be able to buy the following:
Designer clothes, childrens wear, cosmetics, books and music, shoes, stationery and gifts. A 'Next' shop has also opened next door and is encompassed within the Debenhams name and your Bonus card can be used here.

Another shop well worth a visit is the Home Centre, attached to Debenhams for all your household goods:-
Bedding, bathroom accessories, carpets and rugs, electrical goods, kitchen essentials, tools and gardening requirements.

Cyprus reading

Cyprus shops- BOOKS
Marilyn's Bookswap: Panteli Michaniou St; ph:99416923
Unfortunately, there is no public library in Paphos. This causes a fair amount of distress to those of us who have been used to a weekly visit to the library. However, we are pleased to say there is a fabulous source of reading material here and you get 40% back on returns towards your next selection. This little bookswap is also a mine of information and is run by very helpful expats.

mediterranean furniture computer shops

Cyprus shops- FURNITURE:
Bella Casa Tel: 26 922 260
Bo Concept Tel;26 948 340
D P S Home Art Tel: 26 221 096

Cyprus shops -
MG Mountisgroup Tel: 26 819 400
Roussos Computers Ltd Tel: 26 949819
UltiMark Solutions Tel: 77 777 732

shopping in Cyprus Golf shop

Cyprus shops - ELECTRICAL GOODS:
A & K Yellow Store Ltd Tel: 26 942 877
Eectro Life Tel: 26 950 027
Z & A Christodoulou Ltd Tel: 26 934 460

Cyprus shops - GOLF ITEMS:
Golf Shop Tel: 26 813 872

Mediterranean Furniture and Other Items
Cyprus shops- CURTAINS:
Evaggelia's Perfect Home Tel: 26 822 511
Home Designs Tel: 26 936 821
Goldflo Designs Tel: 26 946 766

Cyprus shops - BAMBOO FURNITURE:
Trokkoudes Global Vision Centre - Mesoyi - Tel: 26 819 977

Cyprus shops - GREETING CARDS:
Veronicards Tel: 26 910 375

Cyprus shops - 2nd HAND & NEW FURNITURE:
Steptoes Tel: 26 272 043

Nakas Music Cyprus Tel: 26 943 021

Cyprus shops - OPTICIANS:
Loucas Optical Gallery Tel: 26 222 010
George's Optical House Tel: 26 942 108

Cyprus shops- SPORTS:
Spike & Run Tel: 26 950 557

Shipshape Marine Ltd Tel: 26 944 114
Dolphin Services Tel: 26 819 176

Cyprus shops - VENETIAN BLINDS
J & C Tenda Ltd Tel: 26 818 415

Cyprus shops - VIDEO & DVD CLUBS:
Millennium Video Tel: 26 936 913
24 Sel Video Top Tel: 26 822 792

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