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The Standard of Cyprus living is fairly high on European levels where the overall cost of living averages about 2/3 of most parts of Europe, Japan or the USA. A recent international poll showed Cyprus towns to have one of the lowest costs of living within a developed nation. The annual per capita income is about EU€11000. Cyprus living is hard to beat and if other socioeconomic indicators are considered, such as life expectancy, housing conditions, air pollution, infant mortality, number of doctors, hospital beds, cars, televisions and telephones, one will definitely justify moving to Cyprus. Cyprus living and the quality of life on the island is what it is all about.

We have detailed below the main services that you will want to connect with once you are living in Cyprus and a little general information regarding these services and their costs in order that you may compare the cost of Cyprus living to your present situation.

Cyprus living TELEPHONE: We have heard a variety of stories regarding telephone installation and the problems people have encountered. The main problem appears to be the length of time it takes for a phone line to be installed into newly built properties.

If you are dealing with a line that is already in situe, the only course of action that you need to take is to pay a visit to CYTA to transfer the service into your name. All staff at CYTA speak English and it will be necessary for you to take with you the following items: Purchase contract or Tenancy agreement, Passport and holding deposit of EU€150.

It is worth picking up literature on the different services and rates available at CYTA because in our experience the CYTA staff member is not going to voluntier any information that they deem unnecessary or not asked for.

CYTASHOP PAFOS Address: 11, G.Griva Digeni Avenue, Pafos.
Tel: 26706101 FAX: 26706011 E-mail
For up todate information on the services available and the rates please visit the website at:

MOBILES: No need for a change in Cyprus living standards with regard to your mobiles. CYTANET also provide a very simple to use, pay as you go mobile telephone service. No contract to sign, no monthly bills, you simply buy a recharge card and follow step by step instructions. Information regarding changing SIM cards for your present mobile phone or purchasing a new phone and mobile service can be obtained from any of the CYTANET offices or from their website at :

INTERNET: Dial-up connection costs EU€11 a month standing charge plus call and VAT.

ADSL connection is the latest Internet connection service to be offered by Cytanet but as yet is not available in all areas. If this is important to your Cyprus living comfort, please check on locations before buying.
ADSL operates up to 20 times faster than analogue and ISDN (digital) connection services.

It would cost EU€68 to set up i-choice (ADSL modem and splitter), EU€39 monthly subscription for line and EU€21 for up to 640Kps connection, plus VAT. Since the phone line will be always connected to the Internet, there are no call charges. Another plus for the Cyprus living standards.

Please take a look at the Cytanet sites for more detailed info: and
Or call 0800 -8080 free of charge to know about Cytanet Internet services.

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ELECTRICITY: The electricity supply in Cyprus is 220 volts. 3-pin plugs and sockets are widely used and today are the standard fitted in all new properties.

Electrical appliances imported from European countries will function normally in Cyprus.

When you buy or rent property, you need to either transfer the existing electricity contract to your name, or in the case of a new property, establish a new one. Once again this will facilitate a visit to their offices, which are situated at 13 Tepeleniou Street, 8010, Paphos, tel: 26-841100.

The staff are all English speaking and, we have found, very helpful. All signs are in English and you will need the 'New Connections' counter. They will wish to see your passport, rental agreement or sale contract. There is a connection charge of EU€5.60 (inc VAT) and a EU€17 holding deposit which is charged on the first bill.

Electricity is charged for on a bi-monthly basis. Electricity rates are dictated by the Government and charged according to fuel prices throughout your billing period.

CENTRAL HEATING FUEL: Diesel fuel can be obtained from : Esso Service Station, SPLS Trading Co Ltd, Opposite McDonald's drive thru.
Tel: 26 252 346 Fax: 26 251 844

Home delivery of central heating diesel fuel is available for all in Paphos central region, Pegeia, Tala, Tsada, Konia and Timi areas. To maintain Cyprus living standards we feel this form of heating is a comfort during the short winter months.
Charges - normal diesel fuel prices.

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CALOR GAS: Calor gas is used quite frequently in Cyprus homes for cooking and heating. If you find yourself living in a property that does not provide central heating, this is a relatively cheap form of heating and will enhance your Cyprus living standards.

A Calor Gas delivery service is available from : A and G Gabreil and Sons Trading Ltd Tel: 26 653 289, 99 655 083

Delivery is available to residential addresses throughout Paphos. Alternatively you can buy your own 10KG bottle and obtain refills from most supermarkets and several of the Kiosks located on all main routes.

Cyprus cost of living

WATER SERVICE: Water is payable to the Municipality within the area you decide to take up residence. If this is in the outlaying areas of Paphos, the telephone numbers are as follows:

Geroskipou - Tel: 2696 2324 or 2696 1247
Polis Chrysochous - Tel: 2632 1321 or 2632 2276
Peyia - Tel: 2662 1244 or 26621571

If you are not sure which Municipality you come under, we suggest you phone Paphos Water Supply on: Tel: 2693 2374 and they will be able to direct you.

If you fall within the Municipality of Paphos, your phone numbers are as follows: Tel: 2693 2116 or 2693 4762. This office is not difficult to find and is located in a new building on the main road from Kato Paphos/Tomb of the Kings up towards the police station and Polis road. If you have a map you will find it on Apostolou Pavlou opposite the Municiple car park. The office is only open until mid-day and you will no doubt have to queue. There would appear to be only one gentleman who deals with these connections and as you can imagine he is often quite stressed (as no doubt you will be also if you are not prepared for the wait!).

Take your passport along together with the Tenancy agreement or Sale Contract and on completing the forms you will once again be relieved of EU€100 as a holding deposit. Water is payable quarterly and on average the standing charge is EU€15 per quarter, and the initial 20-40 cubic tonnes are included. Yet another plus for Cyprus living.

Cyprus household bills

REFUSE SERVICE: Your refuse can be sorted out at the same time as your water as this is also payable to the Municipality in which you live. This bill is forwarded, usually with your water bill and is payable 6 monthly. Check with the staff at this office whether you are supplied with your own bin or whether you deposit your refuse in the green wheelie bins located at the side of main roads.

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POSTAL SERVICES: Private Post Office Boxes may be available at either the District Post Office in Paphos or the smaller Post Office in Kato Paphos. These boxes are located outside the offices and are therefore available to key holders 24 hours a day. We would recommend that anyone living or building in the remoter areas obtain a box if you wish to receive mail. Many villas throughout the Paphos region do not have mail boxes, several villas could have the same name and there is often not a numbering system. We have to say though that the postal service does try its best and will occasionally send out staff on scooters to scour the neighbourhood in an endeavour to deliver items of mail that have been hanging around the post office for weeks.

Stamp vending machines are installed at all District Post Offices for 24 hours service and the average mail time to Europe is 3 - 5 days.

Post Offices are open as follows:
Sept - June
Monday - Friday : 07:30 - 13:30
Thursday Afternoon : 15:00 - 18:00

July - Aug
Monday - Friday : 07:30 - 13:30

All Post Offices remain closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

In summary, Cyprus living is enviable. Cyprus is a small island with a small population, low unemployment and inflation. It has an excellent communications and telecommunication infrastructure, high educational and health service standards and whilst the official languages spoken are Greek and Turkish, English is also widely spoken and used in business transactions. Ask yourselves now how the standard of living where you are now would compare to Cyprus living.

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