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If you have made the decision to relocate and wish to view Cyprus property, we would suggest that, like many of our clients, you consider renting initially in order to give yourselves the opportunity to take a look around and do some research on location and facilities available for Cyprus properties before buying. You will be looking for reliable assistance in finding a comfortable rental property from which to start your new life and that is, of course, where we come in. We have a constant stream of long term lets available on our books and as we inspect each property personally we can confidently say that they offer a very high standard of living as we would not put any villa on our books that we would not be happy to live in ourselves.

Paphos Long Term Lets

Finding the correct property to rent for a year or two is obviously extremely important, as being happy and comfortable in the early stages of moving to Cyprus will help the settling process. In this respect, please take a look at our 'Long Term Let' page for the type and standards of Cyprus property available. We will be more than happy to set up viewings for you once you let us know your travel plans and can even arrange for inexpensive short term accommodation whilst you look. Long term rentals are considerably less expensive than in most of Europe and prices vary according to location and facilities.

If you feel that rather than looking for established Cyprus property, that you would like to buy land and have a house built to your own specification, you may find this is the least expensive option but please be prepared for delays and time scale promises not always being met. As we have said earlier, Cyprus is very laid back and enjoys a slow pace of life and this can often prove frustrating when you are waiting for the exciting day that you move in to your new home.

If it is your intention to buy and you are considering which Cyprus property you should be looking at, we would suggest that you approach several Real Estate Agents in the area until you find a personality that you feel comfortable with and to locate a reputable property lawyer to review any contract that you are asked to sign.

We have compiled an E-book which provides you with lots of information about Moving To Cyprus To Live. If you've thought seriously about living in Cyprus, then you'll almost certainly have a thousand and one questions that you need answering.

We have written this ebook so that it contains all of the information that we wish someone had provided for us before we made the move.

When we first decided on moving to Cyprus, there was just so much that we didn't know, so we had to find out things the hard way. Hope this book helps and that it answers most of your questions and prevents any anxieties.

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