Learn Greek

Can you imagine how fast you could learn Greek if MONTHS of tedious rote memorization were eliminated? Why not give the following recommendations a go. The purchase price won't break the bank and the whole family can join in and have a bit of fun!

Want to speak Greek with confidence but dont have much time?

Need the basics for your holiday abroad?

Talk Greek is the ideal short course for absolute beginners. This popular course covers all the basic language you’ll need in everyday situations.

Its specially designed step-by-step approach assumes no prior knowledge of the language and will quickly develop both your speaking and listening skills, helping you make the most of your holiday from the moment you arrive!

Another highly recommended product for those of you who want to skip the hard bits and learn Greek the easy way. A very effective and enjoyable course complete with amusing anecdotes from a teacher who likes to include the occassional joke and make learning an enjoyable experience. The format is ideal for learning anywhere you like and sticks to teaching you how to speak the language through subtle repetition without ever being tedious. Enjoy!

Volume 1. is your survival kit of immediately useful words and phrases for your holiday. Listen a few times to be able to ask for a table in a restaurant, order food and drink, take a taxi, rent a car, buy tickets, deal with money, numbers, times and days, ask for directions, deal with typical problems, hold a simple conversation and more. Experience something ‘a little different'...after just a few listenings, foreign words will be popping out of your memory...Learn Greek with ease!

Give yourselves and your kids a head start - Have some family fun testing each other on a daily basis at home or save it for the flight out to Cyprus. By the time you land you will all be able to say a cheery hello to the gentleman at customs if required.

The locals will really appreciate it if you make an attempt to learn Greek and they will be only too pleased to help you in your endeavours.

Most local attractions, restaurants, shops and bars have English speaking staff and you will have no problems making yourself understood but imagine the fun and sheer sense of achievement if you can speak and learn a little Greek by the time you go home.


You may also wish to try some of the following self-help books, whether you are considering holidays in Cyprus or a long term stay.

Take a look in our BOOK SHOP for further titles.

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