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Rent A Villa In Paphos Ridiculous Offer
May 17, 2008
NO time for niceties - this is serious

I have two very special deals for you all. We have two vacant slots at the beginning of June that we need to fill ASAP.

These two villas are at opposite end of the spectrum and are both very special in their field thus they only have these weeks available for the rest of this summer season.

The owners are looking to achieve 100 % occupancy and have therefore asked me to offer them at the following ridiculous prices.

This offer is not going to be mentioned on the website just yet and is only being offered to my newsreaders. They will be offered only once. Please complete our booking form with the special reference numbers quoted below. The first person to contact me by phone on +357 99031930 and successfully complete a credit card transaction with me for full payment secures the holiday deal:

2 Bed villa - 2 weeks available 1 - 14 June. Book 1 or 2 at total cost EU€750 per week. Yes you heard right, do the conversion GB£595pw for a secluded villa with private pool at the most perfect time of the year! SAVING EU€108 pw.

Rent A Villa In Paphos Anouncement

Ref:CYC001 - Special Villa Ref No: CYC001 'ALL MINE'

If there are more than 2 of you then you have it made, forget the 3 & 4 bed villas, even if you do not need the whole 6 bedrooms, this villa is ridiculously low. We only have 11 days left (1st - 11th June) and you will have to take at least 7 days. But check this out - 6 bed villa, on 3 floors so privacy ensured, private pool and private grounds, walking distance to Coral Bay EU€1285 per week. OK let’s bring it down to a round GB£1020pw. Surely this is worth getting a group together and sharing even this bargain. Look at it this way; there are 6 bedrooms, that’s 6 couples, that’s accommodation for GB£170 PER COUPLE! It really doesn't get better than this. SAVING EU€670

Rent A Villa In Paphos Special

Ref:MAR006 - Special Villa Ref No: MAR006 'ALL OURS'

Be quick. If I do not get any takers before Monday Evening 19th May it will be broadcasted on the website. These weeks have got to go.

Good Luck everyone and I look forward to the phone call.

Regards Lyn
Everyone deserves some space and sunshine!

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