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Rent A Villa In Paphos May Madness
May 03, 2008
Kalemera sas,

I thought it was about time I made an appearance in your mail boxes again to let you know whats happening here in Paphos.

The weather is now glorious again after what we would call a chillier than normal winter and a late start to summer. The woollies are now stacked away the T-shirts and shorts have been moved to the front of the shelf. It's always quite exciting when you come across items you haven't worn for a while - it's like buying a whole new wardrobe!

In this newsletter we have some great May villa holiday discounts and some of you will have noticed we have also taken on a few new villas this year to wet your appetites. Don't panic though, the old favourites have been kept on and will be all the time you show interest for repeat holidays.

Ref:ARG004 - 950pw (approx GB750)

Ref:SEA001 - 1480pw (approx GB1150)

Ref:SEA234 - 999pw (approx GB780)

Ref:AGR006 - 1340pw (approx GB1045)

Ref:ALE002 - 838pw (approx GB650)

We have been really busy again over the winter period meeting those of you who have taken the plunge to join the ranks of the Expat. community here in Paphos. The long term rentals have been going out as quickly as they come in and many have not even made it to the website. It has been a pleasure to welcome you and help you in your choice of accommodation. We hope that all of you newcomers will be able to join us at the up and coming Taverna lunch next month, where it will be good for you to meet with each other and pass on any 'settling in' tips you may have.

Keep your eye on our new 'For Sale' pages as we have one or two really amazing offers and check out the 2 bed apartment in Tala - Great value for money.


We are also hopeful of some cheaper air fares on the way! This is certainly good news as the islands tourist season appears to be getting longer each year. I also see an increase in the cooler seasons now our golf courses are becoming world renowned and once the new Marina is up and running there will be lots of activity in the area.

Competition is hotting up with the flight companies and the prices are gradually falling to sensible levels. The newspapers inform us on a regular basis that the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) is in contact with several airlines including Easyjet and Ryanair. Easyjet are now making a regular appearance on the island and it would be fabulous to see Ryanair, so we keep our fingers crossed. Competition is always healthy and certainly good for us as travellers.

I have found the following examples as at 3rd May for anyone considering those May Specials up there:

Manchester to Paphos 11th May GBP89.71
Paphos to Manchester 18th May First Choice GBP69.82
NOT BAD AT ALL - GBP159.53 plus taxes.

Gatwick to Paphos 13th May Easyjet GBP87.72
Return Paphos Gatwick 20th May Easyjet GBP106.08
WHAT ABOUT THIS? - GBP193.80 plus taxes.

What are you waiting for?
With these airfares and the villa discounts on offer for May how can you afford to miss out.

Thank you for subscribing to our List. If there is anything that you would particularly like to see featured on a regular basis please let me know by email and I will do my best to oblige.

Remember your next holiday is only around the corner.
Regards Lyn

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