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Rent A Villa In Paphos Spring Newsletter
April 26, 2007
Kalemera sas,

Spring has well and truly sprung here in Paphos. The wild flowers are everywhere and the orange blossom bouquet fills the air. Hay Fever sufferers Beware! The pollen count is high as I can testify.

In this newsletter we have some great discounts and offers from our villa owners and a really exciting development for the dreamers amongst you!

During the last 2 months, we have met and been in contact with lots of you from the UK. It appears that many of you are taking the plunge to up sticks and join us, having spent umpteen holidays here over the years.

It has been a pleasure to welcome you and help you in your choice of accommodation. We hope that all of you newcomers will be able to join us at the up and coming Taverna lunch on May 20th, where it will be good for you to meet with each other and pass on any settling in tips you may have.

Christos called in to see us the other day and what a tasty morsel of information he brought with him. He has had two villas built in amongst the grapevines on the outskirts of the old village of Stroumbi which is a major wine growing area in the Paphos district. Stroumbi is his family's village and he is eager to have the villas finished as he will be making one of them his home eventually. He was so excited; we had to take a trip up to see what all the fuss was about.

The villas are part of a small unobtrusive development of only eight properties, fabulously quiet and amazing views. He's looking for a good neighbour - Must have the following attributes - friendly, sociable, enjoy BBQ's, good sense of humour, no wild parties unless he is invited. He doesn't ask for much, but I have to say he's a really nice chap and the property is a steal at CY167000. Have a look at the details:
Stroumbi Villa for Sale.

Over the last month we have also added a few more 2 bedders to our portfolio for the summer. These properties are all new and offer high quality accommodation at an affordable cost:

Our next bit of exciting news is the birth of our Villa Savers Club. So, for all of you 'Dreamers' out there, nows your chance. You can still enjoy your own villa holiday - even if you can't afford it right now! We were asked so many times last year if we would accept payments in installments rather than a lump sum when the balance of the holiday was due. We don't have a problem with this and it led us to believe that maybe some people would like the opportunity to save for their holidays in a club, just as they would for Christmas. So here it is and the terms and conditions are simple. Just Click the link above.

If you are considering a last minute break, we have some fabulous discounts for May and June. Just take a look at our Home Page.


Air Fares and the cost of them is always top gossip in Paphos so I have decided to share with you one of the avenues we use ourselves, which always proves to be a good deal. Always try: Thomsonfly

Example as at todays date of 26th April 2007.
Manchester to Paphos 16th May Thomsonfly GBP77.09.
Return Paphos Manchester 23rd May Thomsonfly GBP30.53
Return Paphos Manchester 30th May Thomsonfly GBP69.99
NOT BAD AT ALL - GBP107.62 plus taxes.

Gatwick to Paphos 16th May Thomsonfly GBP65.09
Return Paphos Gatwick 23rd May GBP54.99
Return Paphos Gatwick 31st May GBP30.53
WHAT ABOUT THIS? - GBP95.62 plus taxes.

Bristol to Paphos - Approx GBP95 on the above dates.
Exeter to Paphos - Approx GBP95 on the above dates.
Stansted to Paphos - Approx GBP178 on the above dates.

These are FABULOUS prices - What are you waiting for?
With these airfares and the villa discounts on offer for May how can you afford to miss out!


We tried the Genesis Restaurant last week. Under new management and with a nice relaxed atmosphere. We both had steaks which were fabulous. The service was excellent and it was nice to finish off and relax with a brandy and coffee on the terrace.

The menu can be seen on the following link: Genesis Paphos

Thank you for subscribing to our List. If there is anything that you would particularly like to see featured on a regular basis please let me know by email and I will do my best to oblige.

Remember your next holiday is only around the corner.

Rent A Villa In Paphos

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