Villa Savers Club

Frequently Asked Questions

villa savers club villa holiday holidays in Paphos Cyprus

  • Q) Can I save for flights as well, in my Rent A Villa Savers Club?

  • A) No. Your savings are used to pay for your holiday villa rental only.

  • Q) Is there a minimum amount for each deposit I make into my Savers account?

  • A) Yes. The minimum amount you can pay in is £50 sterling. There is no maximum amount.

  • Q) How do I make my payments into my Rent A Villa Savings fund?

  • A) You will be emailed bank account details for your Villa Savers Club payments. Payments will be made into our UK Sterling Clients bank account. You can do this by standing order, online bank transfer or by paying cash or cheque over the counter at your UK bank. We request that you provide your FULL NAME on your deposit details and then contact us to inform us that a deposit has been made so that we can track your payments.

  • Q) Do you pay interest on my savings in my Villa Savers Club account?

  • A) No. Funds are held in our client account and we do not pay interest on any sums held.

  • Q) Can I draw my funds out if I decide to stop saving for my villa holiday?

  • A) Yes. You can withdraw your funds at any time by simply sending us an email or telephoning us. You should allow 7 days from the date of your request for the funds to reach your bank account.

  • Q) What if I have excess funds in my Rent A Villa Savers Club account after paying for my villa holiday?

  • A) You can either ask us to reimburse the balance by online bank transfer direct to your UK bank account or you can leave the extra funds in place towards your next villa holiday with us!

  • Q) Is there a time limit to the length of time I can save for my holiday villa rental, or do I have to book a villa within a specific period of time?

  • A) There is no time limit. You can save towards your holiday villa over as long or short a period as you wish.

villa savers club villa holiday holidays in Paphos Cyprus

If you'd like to get started, just return to our Villa Savers Club page and complete the application form. We will then start a villa savings record in your name and send you a 'Welcome Letter' with the full details of how to make deposits.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

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