Ancient Greek Myths

Aphrodite Goddess of Love

Ancient Greek Myths

According to ancient Greek myths, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, rose from the waves in this strikingly beautiful spot. It is easy to be sceptical about the legends, but we honestly have to say that this is the most awe inspiring piece of coastline to be seen, when the sun is out, and I defy any couple, regardless of how young or old, to not be bewitched by it's spell.

Greek statue

Greek Statue of Aphrodite
Of all ancient Greek myths, this story of Aphrodite's creation will bring water to the eyes of some but the story lives on as one of the well known legends surrounding this stunning rock formation.

Cronos was begged by his mother Gaia to be released from the embraces of her husband Uranus. In order to assist his mother in her plight, Cronos castrated his father with a sickle and threw his genitals into the sea. The foam gathered around them and the Goddess rose from the sea as a fully grown woman.

Cyprus history

Aphrodite's Rock

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Aphrodite, the Goddess of love was quite liberal and fickle with her affections amongst the Greek Gods and mortal men. This free love was once the foundation of the cult of Aphrodite, which existed in Cyprus at several of the large sanctuaries on the island some 750 years BC. The remains of the temples can be visited at Kouklia, just a short drive east from Paphos on the Paphos - Limassol road (B6) and in the ancient kingdom of Amathus in the Limassol district.

On the north coast, west of Polis you will find Aphrodite's Baths. According to the ancient Greek myths, it is believed the Goddess bathed herself in the pools here after making love with her husband Iphestus. The waters here are cool and inviting. Water bubbles out of fissures in the rock forming a pool which is shaded well by local trees and in spring wild flowers carpet the area.

It is easy to imagine the peace and tranquility that the Goddess enjoyed from the surroundings and the cool waters.

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