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Take a look at this fabulous internet home business opportunity. If you fancy the thought of operating your own luxury holiday villas rental business in any country of your choice then make sure you read this entire page!. This internet home business opportunity is within reach of anyone who has the desire for a change in lifestyle.

Imagine if you could move to almost any country you choose and quickly set up your own highly profitable luxury villa rental business!

Imagine if you could spend your days in the sunshine and your evenings sipping a glass or two of wine while the ocean laps against your toes.

Imagine actually enjoying what you do for a living.

Imagine being able to work from home.

Imagine being extremely well paid for it.

Ok. Now stop imagining.

You don't have to just imagine that kind of lifestyle. You can HAVE all of the above. We know, because we've done it and loved every minute.

And, more to the point, we can help you do it too! This is an internet home business opportunity that you cannot fail to take note of!

Take a good look throughout this, our latest website at ... Yes the one you are looking at now! How would you like your own lucrative internet home business just like this? In your own country, or the country of your choosing? With your own Website Business all ready and set up for you?

We have set up an internet home business opportunity for you to start your very own business and operate just as we did.

With our business package, this is what you get..........

  • Your own Luxury Villa Rental Business website (including full domain name purchase & registration & hosting for one full year).

  • How to promote your properties to potential customers (advertising made easy).

  • Assistance with obtaining your first 5 properties for your villa rental business, to get your business off to a flying start, including our own secret 'quick start' method for getting properties to put on your site super-fast!

  • A full 3 months telephone support (further support available if required, but you're probably not going to need it).

  • Free advertising for your business on the Rent A Villa In Paphos website.

  • Full one to one detailed training & support in your own country for 5 days.

    Training includes............

  • How to obtain properties to rent (both long or short term) the easy way.
  • How to build in your profit margin whilst offering your service FREE to your landlords.
  • Which forms you need to give to your clients.
  • Which forms you need to give to your landlords.
  • How to stay organised with your administration.
  • How to make changes to your website yourself without having to pay a webmaster.
  • How to handle your customer payments.

So what will it cost if you take this internet home business opportunity, to set up your own new villa rental business in the sun?

A fairly standard franchise business charge for this type of business is around £20,000 up front, PLUS 9% or more of your GROSS profits (not nett profit, mind, they charge 9% or more of your GROSS profit)!

However, the cost of the 'Rent A Villa' business package that will give you Your Own Luxury Villa Rental Business, is just GB£12,750. This is a once only payment.

Unlike a franchise business opportunity package, we do NOT charge you on-going "administration" fees every month, nor do we charge you a percentage of your profits every year!

Frequently asked questions.

Q - What will I need to get started if I decide this internet home business opportunity is for me?
A - You will need your own pc or laptop with an internet connection, plus you'll need a digital camera.

Q - What is the income potential?
A - Obviously this will depend on the amount of commitment and effort that you are prepared to put in to developing your new business. However incomes well in excess of £100,000 per annum are not at all unusual in this business. This doesn't happen overnight, of course, but with the right kind of work effort you should see your new holiday villas rental business grow steadily year on year, to allow you a very comfortable lifestyle.

Q - What skills will I need if I take up this internet home business opportunity?
A - Commitment to your new business, energy, people skills and honesty. You will also need to be able to keep records of accounts for your owners and yourself and a diary etc. So some basic admin skills will be useful. You will need to know how to send emails as well, Oh..., and Bags of enthusiasm!

Q - Will it be yourselves that train us?
A - Yes. It will be us (Lyn & Roy) that supply the training. We will come to whatever country you wish and we will sit alongside you and show you Step-By-Step everything you need to know. Of course this will have to fit in with our own schedule and we can, of course only do one 5 day training period at a time.

Q - How long does the training last each day?
A - We will spend 5 days training with you and we would begin at 10.00am and usually finish by 5.00pm each day.

Q - Where will the training be held and how many people will be there?
A - We will stay in local hotel accomodation. The training will be held in your own home (this is where you will be working from and why you need to have an internet connection). We will sit alongside you and spend 5 days with you, taking you through the whole process of getting your business set up and running. In order to give our best and detailed attention, no more than two people should be involved. So that would be four of us in the room. By the time we leave, you will have your new villa rental home business website up and running!

Q - Would we need to get office or shop premises?
A - No. You can if you want to of course, however, for comfort and ease and to keep the costs low and the profits high, this is designed as an internet home business opportunity and we have always operated completely from home.

Q - Would I need to be living in the country of my choice already before starting my new internet home business?
A - Preferable, but not absolutely necessary, no. You can operate, for example, a business offering holiday villas for rent in Portugal, whilst you are still living in your current country. If you subsequently decide to utilise some of your profits in order to move to Portugal (or to your chosen country), that's completely up to you!

Like to find out more about this internet home business opportunity?

Just drop us a line via Pauline on the 'Contact Us' form and we'll be happy to discuss things with you and answer any questions you have about this internet home business opportunity.

Right now though, we're off to the beach!

Best wishes

Roy & Lyn

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