Pay 'Rent a Villa In Paphos'

Hello Andy,

Thank you for your Booking Form.
Please use the 'ADD TO BASKET' button below to make your deposit payment for your villa Ref: ROY001. There is no necessity for you to open a PayPal account, just scroll down the page and choose the second option of paying directly by credit card.

PayPal, at this stage do not accept payment in Cypriot pounds and therefore you will note on the drop down box of the credit card payment option that you can pay in Sterling Pounds or US Dollars. I have put the conversion values below with todays exchange rates and you can use whichever option you prefer.

Sterling Pounds: CYP£450.00 = GBP£517.24
1 GBP = 0.87 CYP

US Dollars: CYP£450.00 = USD $1022.73
1 USD = 0.44 CYP

Once we have received your payment we will forward a 'Confirmation of Booking' email within 24 hours. The balance of payment is due 8 weeks prior to your arrival, which is infact on 8th February. A reminder email will be forwarded to you a few days prior to this date.
Once you have made your payment you will be returned to our website.

Thank you for booking with Rent A Villa In Paphos.

Regards Lyn & Roy