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Pet shipping to Cyprus for your cats and dogs does not have to be a big ordeal but as usual there are rules and regulations that have to be adhered to.

Before making the big decision on whether to bring your pets with you it is worth consulting your own vet and discussing such things as vaccinations, the general health of your pet and whether they are fit enough for what is involved during the animal shipping relocation and moving to Cyprus. The pet passport scheme can easily prove that your animal is properly inoculated.

Cyprus Veterinary conditions: relating to the pet shipping of dogs and cats into Cyprus. The dogs/cats shall not be landed in Cyprus unless and until there is delivered to a Veterinary officer at the port/airport of Import an Animal Health Certificate issued by a duly authorized Veterinary Officer of the Government of the exporting country attesting that the animals:

Were clinically examined not more than 72 hours prior to pet shipping and found to be in good health and free from signs of rabies and any other infectious or contagious disease.

Were kept since birth or for the six months prior to pet shipping, in the exporting country where no case of Rabies was officially reported during the past two years, or were kept for the six months prior to shipment in premises where no case of Rabies was officially reported during that period.

Vaccination certificates for Rabies and any other vaccinations that the animal has been given should be attached.

Owners of the animals subject to pet shipping should notify ahead of time the Department of Veterinary services of the Ministry of Agriculture, CY1417 Nicosia.
Tel: 00357 22 80 52 01, 22 80 52 08 Fax: 00357 22 33 28 03

More information regarding import regulations for dogs, cats and other species, inspection and quarantine fees and application forms for pet shipping can be obtained from:The Department of Veterinary Services 1417 Lefkosia (Nicosia) Cyprus Tel : +357 22805235 Fax: +357 22805174

District Veterinary Centre Paphos Tel: 26 240 269

Most removal firms can arrange safe pet shipping for your pets when moving to Cyprus, they will undertake all documentation required and even commission the making of a crate for transport. If you decide to arrange the crate for yourselves please follow the guidelines given by your removalists as cargo companies are usually very strict in their requirements. You will find that your pet will travel as cargo and you will be charged on a weight basis.

pet shipping Although the thought of leaving to live in a new country without your beloved pet may be furthest from your mind, we would strongly urge that you consider the situation seriously. Some animals, just like humans become very anxious about travelling and there is nothing more upsetting than picking your pet up from the airport and finding it very distressed.

However, if you have had the 'all clear' from your vet and are able to deal with the regulations, pet shipping really need not be a hassle to have your pets living in Cyprus with you.

Pet Travel Scheme: PETS is a UK specific pet travel scheme for people travelling with domestic pets: cats and dogs (including assistance dogs) ferrets, pet rabbits and rodents. It does not apply to commercial animals. PETS allows complying animals to leave and re-enter the UK from certain countries without undergoing a quarantine period.

An animal will only be permitted into the PETS scheme if all of the following conditions are met:
Microchip for proper identification
Vaccination against rabies
Blood test to make sure that the vaccine has given it a satisfactory level of rabies protection
Tick and tapeworm treatment
EU Pet Passport (in a non-EU listed country, an official third country veterinary certificate).

The UK Government Organisation, DEFRA has comprehensive information on their website and has a Helpline to assist: Tel: +44 (0)870 241 1710 (Monday to Friday, 8.30 to 17:30 UK time)
DEFRA - Moving to Cyprus

Other Useful Resources:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
European Union website Europa
Zoosphere Veterinary Clinic in Cyprus

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