UK & Worldwide TV 

As you may be aware, Sky TV will very shortly cease to be available here in Cyprus and many many people are now getting their UKTV through the Internet on their computers.
However, this can tie up an expensive laptop, does not have a remote control and also provides a limited number of channels. 

There is now a new solution recently available which is much less expensive than the Sky option and provides for (almost) buffer-free streaming.
I know many people who have switched to this system.
Not only do you receive ALL UK TV channels, but almost all the Sky TV channels including Sky Sports.
Also included are 10 Sports channels from Al Jazeera, as well as BT Sports, Eurosports and Setanta.

There is also a channel with over 150 movies to view at any time, as well as childrens channels.  

All this is provided via a small Set Top Box which connects via Broadband to the Internet. Also there is a USB port on the box which not only enables you to record programs or films but play downloaded programs too.


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