Working In Cyprus

With regard to working in Cyprus, we suggest you consult the following website that is reliable for up todate information. Cyprus does not apply any restrictions on the access to it's labour market by citizens of other EEA countries. If you intend staying in Cyprus for longer than 3 months you should register to obtain the necessary residence permit.

To apply for a residence permit, you should contact the Civil Registration and Migration Department for direction on completion of the formalities.

European Union Information

Persons interested in working are advised to contact the Department of the Population and Migration Archive for clarification and information about the necessary procedures and forms.

Now the rules and regulations are out of the way - (most of them are just formalities and are not difficult to find your way around) we can give you a few pointers to help you take the first step to finding work.

For another website displaying available jobs in Cyprus click this link.

You will be as well to collect as much information as you can prior to making your move and another website to try out is Cyprus Jobs

If you are considering working in Cyprus you can register with agencies relating to the type of employment you are seeking. The Cyprus High Commission holds a list of employment agencies.

Now if you have decided that you wish to set up your own business for working in Cyprus we suggest visiting a few of the following websites for the rules and regulations.

Europe Direct - Working in Cyprus
Cyprus Government

Now that you know where to go, what forms you have to fill out and what you want to do when working in Cyprus, we would like to give you a little piece of advice. Cyprus is a really friendly island and as we have mentioned throughout the website, when you are holidaying here it is not necessary to speak the language but if you wish to be working in Cyprus long term and your vocation will bring you into contact with the locals we would strongly recommend a crash course in the fundamentals of the language as we found that having no language skills at all proved to be a hurdle when dealing with business matters.

Give the following course a try. It won't cost you an arm and a leg or alternatively, visit our Learn Greek page for further ideas.

It is very quirky and lots of fun if you are not the studious types, like me. It makes learning easy - no verbs, adjectives and heavy stuff. Just lots of memory jogging silliness to help you along the way. The teacher includes funny anecdotes and a few jokes and the new words, phrases and language rules are gently introduced and reinforced through subtle repetition without ever being tedious. In fact, despite a distinct emphasis on non-work, the course proves very effective and enjoyable, and its format is ideal for learning anywhere you like. So, if you only want to learn to speak the language, this course is highly recommended.

It worked for me - Seriously!

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